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Nick Semwogerere


Was part of and RnB/Hip Hop/Soul band called Nesramic, at 15-16. The group was made mostly from musicians, singers, MC’s from the Winchmore secondary school. In 2000 the group took part in Enfield Arts Service “Battle Of The Bands” competition and came in third place. The band had several meetings with independent labels but never signed a contract. In 2001 Smooth Deep felt that the band was not going the same creative direction he was and decided to leave. Several months after leaving he joined a Hip Hop duo called “Black Magic” effectively making the duo a trio a Hip Hop Crew. The crew was made up of Black Widow, Black The Ripper and himself. The crew worked on a lot of material, recorded a handful of tracks and were working towards a mixtape but the crews plans came to a sudden Holt due to tragic circumstances. The crew later disbanded. Smooth Deep stop working on music for awhile but during college in 2003 he came met rapper /producer Day-G and found they had a lot in common. They started working together and shortly after finishing college they form a Hip Hop collective called “Combined Intellects”, the collective never officially released any material as a collective but features on each others projects but the door is always for a collective project.